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Thermal oil boilers and plants

Oil circuit
Oil circuit
Oil circuit

The use of diathermic oil for heat transfer is, in the wood panel industry, for a long time a common practice. In this way it is possible to make plants that work at high temperature, but at low pressure.

ITI is a consolidated player in the use of this technology, having developed over the years a long experience in the design of the exchangers and also the fluid distribution circuits.

We are surely prepared for the design of high-efficiency heat exchangers and components with long operational availability, even in critical conditions, common in the panel industry and in the use of poor fuels.

Typical applications of thermal oil boilers:

  • Heat recovery and its distribution for the production process of wood panels or similar.
  • Heat transfer for ORC turbines.

For diathermic oil plants we can provide:

  • The process engineering
  • Design and construction of heat exchangers
  • Development of circuit design
  • Pipe design, isometric designs, construction and assembly, stress engineering

ITI has a long experience in designing and manufacturing thermal oil heaters, specially designed for heat exchange in biomass thermal systems, paying close attention to wall temperature, abrasion from ashes, oil flow monitoring and melting temperature.

Thanks to constant supervision during the construction and assembly process, the best results are achieved in terms of efficiency and long service life.

With appropriate studies during the implementation of the project, in function of the fuel used, minimizes the need for cleaning the boiler during its operation, ensuring excellent functionality.