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Thermal complete plants

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The focus of our business is the design and supply of complete power plants with heat recovery from the combustion of biomass, wood process waste and, in some cases, industrial waste.

Our success is based on the following points:

  • Long experience in thermal systems for the wood industry
  • Engineering tailor-made development
  • Realization of combustion systems
  • Engineering and production of heat distribution circuits using diathermic oil, steam or overheated water
  • Definition and implementation of energy production and cogeneration plants
  • Attention and optimization of the system with the aim of minimizing the emission aspects
  • Engineering and implementation of the process control system

We are generally proposed as thermal power plant suppliers with the "turnkey solution" but besides this, depending on the customer's preferences, we are available to the most diverse forms of supply; Engineering (basic and detailed), provision of elementary components and customer support for purchasing, project development assistance, and supervision of construction, assembly and commissioning.

In each phase of the project, from design to construction and commissioning, we are aimed at achieving maximum levels of reliability and efficiency.

Thanks to its long experience in the wood industry, particularly in the field of panel production, ITI is able to propose the best system configurations for:

  • Thermal power plants for MDF board production lines, with heating and distribution of diathermic oil for the pressing line and for the production of saturated steam for the wood defibring process. We were also been the first in the technological history of these MDF panel production processes to propose and realize direct heating and automatic heat control for the drying process via flash dryer.
  • Thermal power plants for particalboard (PB) production lines, with heating and distribution of diathermic oil for the pressing and nobilitation line.
  • We are specialized in the realization of the direct heating system and the automatic control of the energy necessary for the drying process of wood chip through drum dryer.
  • We have realized the first indirect plant on a particleboard production line with the complete drying cycle and final moisture control. Plant combined with a power plant with CHP steam cycle.
  • Installations for the production of energy with or without cogeneration.