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For fine size wood waste, suspended combustion systems have been developed, commonly and improperly called "burners". These combustion units are often present in our plants, since in the wood-based panels (industrial sector where we have been involved in technological development), the finishing process is constantly present, which has the result of very fine waste production of which disposal is required.

The thermal valorization and energy recovery of these fuels is ideal and, for this reason, highly reliable and efficient combustion systems have been developed.

The wood dust burner is essentially constituted by a dust injector nozzle, specifically designed to achieve a homogeneous distribution of fuel around the ideal axis of the burner inside the combustion chamber. A combustion air injector, coaxial with the nozzle of the dust, produces an effective air/fuel mixture.

The flame trigger is made by a fossil fuel pilot (usually natural gas) burner that just dissipates as the temperature conditions allow the self-ignition of wood dust (above 600 °C).

The burner is supplemented by a further dilution air injection that has flame temperature control functions, often replaced or flanked by a recirculation gas injection that, besides the temperature control, also allows the Ocontent limitation and therefore a NOproduction control, a parameter limited by emission regulations.

Depending on the needs of our customers or the specific situations of certain plants, our burners may be integrated with natural gas combustion systems or other fossil fuels.

Of course our burners are equipped with all the control and safety systems necessary for their uninterrupted operation for many productive hours. The system also includes the elements that make up the dosing and fueling system, all integrated in the system's automatic control system.