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Combustion systems

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ITI designs and manufactures combustion systems to be integrated into incineration and energy production plants working both with wastes and biomass in general.

The combustion system is composed of a movable grate, with related dosing systems for material and air necessary for combustion, and by a combustion chamber.

The flagship of ITI is the advanced engineering of combustion control (we named AWC) that allows our systems to achieve a benchmark in terms of combustion efficiency and, therefore, emissions values:

  • combustion efficiency is equal to 99.8%
  • CO emissions are less than 2 mg/Nm3
  • NOx emissions are lower than 100 mg/Nm3 (even without the use of reagents)

Automatic control system AWC performs control and regulation of combustion, applied to our grates and our burners designed for fine fuels.

Our technology allows us to mantain and guarantee optimum combustion in relation to the fuels used, and therefore excellent results from the point of view of the quality of hot gas and heat exchange, with positive effects on the important problem of dirting of the exchange surfaces of the boiler.