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Drying processes

In panel production systems, the thermal power plant is always connected to the wood drying system.

Although it is not correct to define as a drier constructor, ITI has accumulated significant experiences of the process, especially of the technological aspect, participating in the implementation of drying control systems and developing integrated systems of furnace and dryer.

It is interesting to note that the foundation of Soc. ITI coincides with the realization of a furnace with a combustion system of wood waste on grid, which is used to heat a wood fiber flash dryer instead of a natural gas vein burner, also providing all the guarantees in terms of security, regulation, and fiber quality.

It was 1985, the system realized was the world's first and the site was NOVOLEGNO.

In a specific case, we have independently designed and manufactured a flash drier to process wood fiber in an important MDF plant, providing in this case an optimized solution for one of the largest systems in the world (Kronospan Sebes).

Likewise, we have accumulated proven experience in the particleboard industry by coupling the energy plant just as hot gas generator to the classic drum dryers with direct heating through the combustion gases.

Again, we can say that we can achieve high efficiency levels with regard to process control (intervening directly in drying regulation) and safety of operation.As mentioned above, it is always to remember  that our system is designed considering the  combustion of wood waste and industrial residues.

A different application that takes on more and more consistency in the panel world and, more generally, in power generation plants, is the one that provides cogenerative solutions.

These are the realization of energy production plants with the use of turbine exhaust heat as an energy source for indirect drying systems.

On the other side of the site are shown concrete examples and complete representations.