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The design, the development of complete engineering of the plant in all its aspects, from the point of view of design, dimensioning, structural calculations, process and control as well as the adoption of cutting edge components, Are the keys to the reliability and safety of ITI installations...

Our projects meet all international standards and, thanks to the attention to detail during design, we can guarantee the maximum availability of the system in terms of operating hours.

Plant engineering is a key component of our business and combines scientific knowledge with the practical experience developed over the years, enabling us to address the definition of technological processes and also the design of the necessary machines.

ITI Engineering provides its customers with customized engineering and consulting services, starting from the preliminary stages of project development by collaborating with the customer identifying which is the most appropriate solution relative to its energy needs, providing eventually support for the formulation of a Business plan and investment analysis.

ITI also offers constant customer support for plant maintenance, spare parts, and analysis of system evolution in the context of a constant adaptation to evolving production needs.