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About us

ITI is a company established in 1985 with the aim of designing and manufacturing plants for the combustion of industrial waste in the field of wood industry and transforming the energy obtained from the combustion in heat for the production process and, in some cases, electricity.

ITI Engineering soon becomes one of the world's leading design and realization company of energy plants, having accumulated extensive experience in the enhancement of special fuels and acquiring the ability to integrate their plants into productive contexts where the efficiency of systems plays a predominant role and above all their availability in terms of productive hours.

ITI cooperates closely with its clients by providing a complete range of solutions tailored to the specific requirements that are generally imposed by the production environment and above all on the characterization of the available fuel. Throughout its history, ITI Engineering has always respected, and often dictated, the highest standards, proven to be innovative in the field of energy systems applied to renewable fuels and process waste.

Our energy systems, based on combustion of biomass from wood and other solid fuels, are well-known across the world thanks to their efficiency, reliability and high quality and they work succesfully in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, contributing significantly to the solution of problems arising from the reuse of process waste and the reduction of electricity consumption costs.

Our technical department develops complete and tailor-made engineering of combustion and heat production systems, starting from preliminary project studies, and realizing the central control system with extreme care, to ensure maximum performance, maximum reliability and safety of their own complexes.

Our extensive experience and knowledge in the field of plant technology together with the enthusiasm and passion for our work enable us to define the best solution for every situation and customer demand.

A key element of our success is the careful selection of our suppliers, with whom we have come to establish long-term partnerships and which allows us to guarantee high quality, reliability and security.

The installation, assembly and start-up of our every plant are carefully followed by our specialists. ITI Engineering is a dynamic and fast-growing company. The philosophy that animates every our project is to provide the best solutions to the requests we receive. Our qualified staff is ready to support customers also with the following consulting services:

  • Support for improved combustion efficiency and optimization of the control system
  • Organization of maintenance processes and support for changes to existing installations
  • Engineering development in terms of permits, environmental issues, etc..
  • Business planning
  • Staff training