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By the term "boiler" is meant the exchanger, the element that produces the exchange, the energy contained in the combustion fumes with a fluid, a medium of heat transport, directed to the users of the energy itself.

Boilers designed and built by ITI have specificities resulting from the characteristics of the fumes produced by the combustion of wood-based waste or residues of different kinds for which our plants are required. In summary terms it can simply be said that our boilers are designed to minimize the problems caused by the combustion smoke aggression. This aggressiveness that can be identified in the tendency of ash deposits on the outer surface of the tubes or in their abrasion, due to the action of the same ashes that flow rapidly between the tubes. We are prepared for these problems and build high reliability boilers for such situations.

Over the years we have realized both steam boilers and thermal oil. The different types of plants in which our plants have been installed have led us to install boilers of many different types, mostly designed and built by us, but also in some cases developed and supplied with the collaboration of proven manufacturers of sector.

Common denominator of plants is certainly the feature of the use of difficult fuels, which has greatly influenced the design; even the fact that the plants were often placed in a specific industrial context led to specialized plant choices.

Below is a brief list of boiler types supplied:

  • Superheated steam and water pipes (cogeneration in MDF plants, energy production)
  • Saturated steam and water pipes (recovery boilers)
  • Saturated steam and smoke pipes (production of semi-finished from wood particles)
  • Saturated steam with indirect heating (wood fiber production)
  • Thermal oil in the production of wood panels (heating presses)
  • Thermal oil for unit O.R.C. and energy production