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Renewable energy

ITI Engineering is proud to say that all its plants work with renewable sources, contributing to green energy production, waste disposal and, in general, to obtain a positive balance regarding environmental conditions and the well-being of society.

Biomass, especially, makes part of renewable sources for energy production since CO2 emissions during production process do not increase the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and do not contribute to global climate changes. The reason is that the quantity of CO2 emissions by power plant is equal to the quantity absorbed by plants during their vital cycle and, in any case, it would be released into the enviroment after the plant decomposition.

ITI is able to develop reliable plants with excellent energy efficiency for all types of biomass and organic wastes, such as wood residuals, grass, all kind of plants, manure, olive pomace from olive processing, dried skins of different fruits and vegetables, husk and straw of rice, etc.