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Our mission

Contributing to environmental sustainability, enhancing biomass and resources through the design and construction of high efficiency and high production reliability renewable energy generation plants, based on biomass combustion and industrial process waste.


 ITI is specialized in the production of thermal power plants using alternative to fossil fuels. We feel that our mission is to contribute to environmental sustainability by re-evaluating the use of waste materials that, instead of accumulating in the form of garbage, become energy efficient and resource-saving.

The peculiarity of our technology is to be naturally and deeply involved in the woodworking industry, a particularly virtuous environment in terms of ecosostenibility, optimization of natural resources, attention in the development of transofrmation processes the least impacted on the environment.

We have developed the habit of dealing with industrial technical topics, always taking into account the effects that they have on the local environment, the balance of the elements that make up the physical, environmental, and energy resources involved in the process.