Heat and Energy

  • 1985 – ITI began to recover heat and energy from the biomass combustion.
  • The ground was to produce the necessary heat for the wood based board industry burning the wood wastes of the board production line.
  • The request has evolved with the necessity to optimize the global efficiency in terms of energy production and consumption, Co2 balance, recovery of the max quota of energy from exhaust gases or discharge heat from process.
  • Now ITI offers a complete range of solutions concerning biomass combustion, heat production and distribution, energy generation, heat recover.

The name ITI, in the wood industry, is synonymous of proved technology for the wood waste combustion and development of plants for the heat distribution.

Our staff has the capacity to develop the complete engineering for the combustion plant and heat production, from the layout until the control system concept.

We are prepared to define the best solution for each different costumer situation regarding heat consumption or fuel quality, with the utilization of our experience in the energy plants technology.

Our possibility to define and develop a optimized unit for the specific request comes from our capacity to design and realize the necessary components. To achieve our targets we have the support of proved suppliers regarding each field of our plant.