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Heat transfer fluid

Indirect heating plants utilize heat transfer fluids, which have the task of transporting the heat produced by the combustion process to heat demand users. Historically, heat transfer fluids have been the air and water, this one being both liquid and steam. However, the evolution of thermal power technology has highlighted certain limitations of such fluids in particular planting situations, offering  alternatives.

Depending on applications in our plants, we use a variety of heat transfer fluids such as:

  • Combustion fumes for direct heating processes with drum dryers (chipboard), or for MDF dryers.
  • Diathermic oil for heating of presses, dryers for compensated panels or for energy plants with ORC turbines.
  • Saturated steam for feeding of wood fiber production machines, such as refiners (MDF panels, cellulose, etc.) or heating of  dryers, production presses, etc.
  • Superheated steam for the operation of steam turbines in the energy production
  • Superheated water for dryers and presses in particular in the playwood production.