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Control and adjustment

All our systems are equipped to operate automatically and are managed by a control and regulation system defined and implemented by ITI.

One of the peculiarities of our projects is the development of the process logic of the plant, the control system and their fine adjustment. Thanks to our dedication to this activity, to our technical know-how and the experience gained during years of work in the field, we are able to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the plant and its automatic and safe operation.

The core components of the control system are given by the accurate definition of the processes, considering the operating principles of the plant components, selecting the best actuators, sensors and electrical components, and the most appropriate software applications for control.

Our solutions meet all the many international standards, exceeding the highest standards required.

We have developed control systems for furnace, diathermic and steam oil boilers, superheaters, indirect steam generators, cogeneration plants with ORC or steam turbines, wood dryers connected to our combustion, burners for dusty fuels, even in multifuel configurations, fuel handling and storage systems.